As the city of Manchester continues to be stripped of the brands that have acted as the foundation of our regional food identity, a local marmalade maker is set to create a new product for Mancunians to call their own.

F Duerrs & Sons, the Manchester jam, marmalade and sweet spread manufacturers, are stepping up to the breakfast plate in a bid to reclaim our regional identity with the launch of Manchester Marmalade, a specially created marmalade for the people of Manchester.

Duerr’s brought their 128 years of marmalade making know-how to produce the perfect marmalade for modern Manchester. The final formula has been made to just the right levels of sweetness, orange variety, fruit content and thickness of peel to tickle the tastebuds of Mancunians.

Duerr’s initially launched Manchester Marmalade in the 1950s, however the regional variation fell out of distribution as the national supermarkets looked for products they could sell from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Profits from the sale of each jar will be donated to ‘Forever Manchester’, a project by the Community Foundation of Greater Manchester which aims to raise a £4.4 million fund in the next three years, the interest of which will fund community based grass roots projects in the future.

Richard Duerr explains: “We’ve been producing jams, marmalades and sweet spreads in the city of Manchester for 128 years, it’s time this great city has a food that it can call its own again.

“Profits from the sale of Manchester Marmalade will be donated to Forever Manchester to support their campaign to create a sustainable resource to help the community of Manchester for ever.”

Tesco will stock the distinctive black and white labeled jars of Manchester Marmalade in stores across the Greater Manchester area from 25 April 2009.