Marmalade makers celebrate in style with a preserve worth £80 per serving

JAM and marmalade maker Duerr’s is marking its 125th birthday with a very special jar of marmalade costing more than £5,000!

It is packed with amazing ingredients including gold, vintage champagne and some of the world’s most expensive whisky as well as the finest oranges.

The commemorative 1kg jar contains £3,450 worth of Dalmore 62 whisky, £348 worth of vintage champagne, £120 of edible gold leaf all encased in a specially designed hand-crafted jar valued at £1,100

Spread evenly it works out at £76 per slice of toast with each mouthful costing an eye watering £11.

The special jar will be eventually be auctioned for charity on EBay later this year.

The rare Dalmore 62-year-old malt whisky used in the marmalade sells at £32,000 per bottle.

It also contains exclusive vintage champagne by Pol Roger, the Cuvee Winston Churchill 1996 supplied by Vineyards of France, which supplies finest wines from a selection of the many thousands of vineyards spread across France

James Sherry of Vineyards of France said: “The choice of this champagne is fitting because Winston enjoyed a full English breakfast with toast and marmalade and his favourite first tipple of the day was a glass of Pol Roger champagne, which he famously justified by saying: ‘In victory, deserve it. In defeat, need it.’”

Rockware Glass was approached to produce a fitting jar and its Innovations and NPD manager, Chris Todd, created an elegant crystal glass decanter, which is beautiful and simple in its design.

Chris said: “We wanted to create a unique jar that screamed luxury and celebrated the use of glass as a packaging medium, mixing modern design techniques with traditional glass production methods.”

Richard Duerr, Sales and Marketing Director at Duerr’s, comments: “We have been creating marmalade for 125 years and decided to do something extra special for our anniversary. Thanks to some exclusive ingredients and a priceless one-off designer jar we believe that we have created the world’s most expensive jar of marmalade.”


Hugh’s indiscretion is named as most memorable sticky celeb moment

Celebrities love to grab the limelight but there are certain situations that they would like to see swept under the carpet of shame! However, Hugh Grant’s sticky situation with hooker Divine Brown will never die according to a new survey published today.

Jam and marmalade makers Duerr’s, questioned over 3000 people across the UK to mark their 125th birthday.

Hollywood hottie Paris Hilton was a close second with 20% of the votes for with her infamous home video while political plonker John Prescott came third due to his infamous right hook.

Judy Finnigan’s National Television Awards expose beat Wayne Rooney’s brothel creep to fourth place and it was a true case of rock and roll with Kate Moss’s recent drug taking fending off George Michael’s public toilet arrest to take sixth place.

David Beckham put the boot in with 7% of the votes for his romance with PA Rebecca Loos beating Angus Deaton’s tabloid scandal of sex and drugs, which saw him, get sacked from the BBC. Last but certainly not least was Wacko Jacko with his unusual antic of dangling his baby out of his hotel window.

Top Ten Most Memorable Sticky Situations:

  1. Hugh Grant and Davine Brown – 22%
  2. Paris Hilton’s home made video – 20%
  3. John Prescott’s right hook – 14%
  4. Judy Finnigan’s expose at the TV awards – 12%
  5. Wayne Rooney’s visit to a Liverpool brothel – 10%
  6. Kate Moss drug scandal – 9%
  7. George Michael’s cottaging arrest – 6%
  8. David Beckham’s affair with Rebecca Loos – 4%
  9. Angus Deayton’s sex and drug scandal – 2%
  10. Michael Jackson’s child dangling – 1%

Richard Duerr, Head of Sales and Marketing comments: “This light hearted survey shows that celebrity scandal never dies, poor Hugh will always be remembered for the Divine Brown incident – but looking at the list it hasn’t done any harm to their careers!”


GLAMOUR girl Jordan has been voted Britain’s most favourite “orange” celebrity according to a new survey.

The busty blonde tanned features beat those of television presenter Dale Winton to top spot.

Former England captain David Beckham, whose bronzed body was on display as he wore white speedos during his recent holiday in Italy, came third in the poll of more than 2,000 people.

The sporting theme was maintained with Welsh rugby pin up Gavin Henson named in the top five and new England assistant coach Terry Venables’ perma-tan earning him a place in the top 10.

Marmalade makers Duerr’s commissioned the fun survey as part of its 125th birthday celebrations.

Richard Duerr, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Manchester company said: “Some celebrities manage to maintain a suspect perma tan throughout the year – with many going too far with the fake tan. In fact it’s fair to say some of these stars resemble the colour of our marmalade!”

The top 10

  1. Jordan – 25%
  2. Dale Winton – 20%
  3. David Beckham– 14%
  4. Gavin Henson– 12%
  5. David Dickinson – 10%
  6. Jennifer Ellison – 6%
  7. Robert Kilroy Silk – 5%
  8. Jodie Marsh– 4 %
  9. Terry Venables – 3%
  10. Judith Chalmers – 1%


Stars from Britain’s best-loved soap share their marvellous marmalade recipes!

To celebrate their 125th birthday, marmalade makers Duerr’s invited the stars of Coronation Street to discover their recipes using the nation’s favourite preserve with the hope of raising funds for Manchester based children’s charity, Manchester Kids.

Susie Blake (Bev) – Cheese on toast with Marmalade
“Marmalade is so versatile and shouldn’t be restricted to the breakfast table! I like to use it as a chutney and my favourite recipe is to spread a thin layer on buttered toast, top with mild cheddar cheese and then place under the grill until the cheese melts and bubbles – a delicious snack.”

Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) – Marmalade & Ginger Chicken
“I love marmalade, its brilliant to spice up boring food! I like to make a marmalade marinade using thick cut preserve and adding freshly grated ginger. You can then spread over chicken breasts as thick as you like and then wrap in foil and pop in the oven for 20-25 mins – looks dead posh, but in fact is so easy to do.”

Richard Fleeshman (Craig) – Marmalade on crumpet
“Marmalade is the ultimate comfort food to me, I enjoy spreading it thickly on a buttered crumpet instead of toast, washed down with a brew, this is the perfect way to start the day.”

Helen Flannigan (Rosie) – Marmalade & Honey Porridge
“Porridge is really good for you and keeps me going until lunch, but it’s boring! Just add a generous dollop of honey and marmalade and mix in for gorgeous breakfast treat.”

Samia Smith (Maria) – Chocolate Orange Bananas
“I love shredless marmalade on toast, but for something a bit different smothering bananas with shredless marmalade, sprinkle on some brown sugar, wrap in tin foil and either place in the oven or BBQ for a few minutes. Once cooked place in a bowl and add vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce – amazing!

Julia Howarth (Claire) – Citrus Roast Lamb

“I love the combination of bitter sweet you get with marmalade, my favourite recipe is Citrus Roast Lamb. All you need to do is take a normal joint of Lamb and instead of covering with mint or rosemary, cover with a thick layer of marmalade and freshly grated lemon zest. Cook the joint as normal, but a totally unique flavour with a crispy zesty topping.”

Alan Halsall (Tyrone) – Marmalade Pizza
“It may sound strange but marmalade on pizza is top! I discovered it by accident when my cupboards were bare, one of the only ingredients I has was marmalade. I use ready-made bases and spread with marmalade thickly on top, then get creative! I usually add ham, pineapple chunks and then top with mozzarella cheese.”

Vicky Binns (Molly) – Wensleydale and Marmalade Wrap
“I love the tangy flavour of marmalade, I find it goes perfectly with cheese. My favourite recipe is so easy to make, take one soft tortilla warp and spread a thick layer of fine cut marmalade all over. Then crumble some mild Wensleydale cheese on top, cherry tomatoes and rocket and then role up into a wrap – perfect for a quick bite!”

For every jar of Duerr’s marmalade sold in September Duerr’s will donate 1p to Manchester Kids with a minimum donation of £5000.00.

Manchester Kids is a charity especially for children in Manchester and Greater Manchester. It belongs to radio stations, Key 103 and Manchester’s Magic 1152.Manchester Kids is a grant giving charity, supporting voluntary and community groups who make a difference to the lives of local children: children with serious illnesses or disabilities; and children who experience poverty, abuse, neglect or distress.