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In 2012 our ‘Proud to be British’ campaign has served up a breakfast portion of pride as we showcased the best of British jokes, sporting heros, Paralympians and great moments in history – from Will and Kate’s first kiss on the balcony to Boris Johnson getting stuck on that zipwire.

As we enter 2013, we’ll be bringing you new reasons to spread the love at breakfast time.

If you want to look back at some of those great moments, then we’ve got them all here for you to look back over and reflect on what makes us proud to be British.



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New Years Eve

On the last day of the year, every person flocks to spend time with family and friends to celebrate the end of another year. A night for dancing, drinking, eating, laughing and singing with loved ones. As soon as the clock hits 12, the 1st of January will be with us again.


So from everyone at Duerr’s, happy new year – we hope 2013 will be a good year for everyone.



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New Year Resolutions

So its that time of year again, the day before New Year’s Eve, the moment you start thinking about the fresh, new year ahead of you. The day you start thinking about your New Year’s resolution! Whether you have the ‘new year, new me’ frame of mind or are quite happy with the way things are and just want a few ‘alterations’, New Year’s resolutions are a pact with ourselves!

Its been said that resolutions are dropped quicker than they are made! With only 1 out of 10 people sticking to theirs till the end of the year, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it though. The number 1 most popular resolution is to spend more time with family and friends, closely followed by trying to fit in fitness.

Next year, we should all vow to be that one person that sticks to their resolution, so make it worthwhile!



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On This Day: Waterproof Coat Was Invented

There are a lot of things we all take for granted, however living in Britain we are used to wearing waterproof clothing all year round with our dreadful weather. And it’s fair to say, that it could of only been a British person to invent the waterproof coat.

So we only have Charles MacIntosh to thank for keeping us all dry and warm over the festive period. Born today in 1766, Charles was a chemist that unintentionally stumbled upon the creation while he was trying to find uses for waste products of gaswork. Then he came across painting wool cloth with rubber, genius! Charles had just invented the first waterproof coat completely by accident, named Macs after the inventor, the earliest Macs used to melt in hot weather! Good job we don’t have to worry about that in this country.

So next time you get stuck outside in the pouring rain, just thank Charles MacIntosh for the waterproof coat keeping you dry!



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Christmas Carols

Another Christmas tradition loved by everyone is Christmas carolling, whether it be spreading the festive cheer by knocking on neighbours doors and singing on the doorstep or just singing around the fire with family, carols are very popular.

The first Christmas based carol we know of is dated back to fourth century Rome, however Christmas carols in English first appeared in 1426. It was written by a chaplain called John Awdlay from Shropshire and lists 25 “caroles of Cristemas”.

So clear your throat and get practising the lyrics to ‘Silent Night’, for traditions sake!




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Yes, it’s that time of year again! Wrap up warm, grab your friends, its time to go sledging!

A white sheet of snow is slowly covering Great Britain and everyone (not just the kids!) are starting to take advantage of the joys of it. Sledging is a very popular past time. It originates from the United States in the 1800’s, originally called “cariole” the main purpose for it was primarily a form of transportation. Now-a-days they are used for recreational uses, for family fun on those winter days! Sledging is a popular activity for all of us here in the UK and will continue to be..



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