Duerr's Periscope

Duerr’s Periscope

A periscope invented in World War I has raised thousands of pounds for injured soldiers a century later.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War, the UK’s oldest family owned jam and marmalade makers, Duerr’s, released a limited edition remake of ‘The Lifeguard Periscope’ invented by Edgar Duerr, a second generation family member.

The replicas proved so popular that more than £1,500 was raised – which Manchester-based Duerr’s have chosen to donate to Help for Heroes, enabling today’s injured service personnel to benefit from a device invented to protect their predecessors in the trenches.

Mark Duerr, Managing Director of Duerr’s and Edgar’s great-great-great nephew, comments: “Soldiering may have changed beyond recognition in the past century, but the bravery and innovation of those who go on the front line remains constant. That’s why we’re sure Edgar would have been proud to see that his invention was still able to help soldiers a century later through the funds it has raised for Help for Heroes.

“We are very proud to have something like this in our family history and equally proud that it can make a difference several generations later.”

A spokesperson from Help for Heroes, comments: “Every donation makes a difference to the lives of our wounded, injured and sick personnel, including reservists, veterans and their families. It feels especially appropriate for today’s service personnel to receive support from sales of a periscope first designed in World War I.

“We are very grateful to Duerr’s for their support and to everyone who purchased one of the Lifeguard Periscopes.”

Edgar Duerr

Edgar Duerr